Shubham Mehra
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Research & Essays

✴︎ Foundations: Role of the Graphic Designer in Public Space

A research portfolio exploring the agency of graphic designers in public spaces. The document is a collection of interviews with various designers and a catalogue of projects and objects that provide insight into scenarios that incorporate design in the urban sphere.

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✴︎ Between Compromise and Integrity in Design Practice

A reflective theory piece based on my professional working methods and the struggle for creative independence within my design practice. I provide some learnings in pragmatic terms and how the notion of compromise is not necessarily negative.

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✴︎ Remembering Through Lettering

Research on lettering and typography in cities (Oslo in particular) as a method of remembering people, places, events and cultures.A little more depth in various lettering methods, the process of preservation and a look at vernacular lettering as a prominent graphical presence in cities.

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✴︎ A Universal Abstract

This is an essay written about Bart van der Leck's version of 'Het Vlas' (aka The Flax) by H. C. Andersen. The book is a rare example of the famous Stijl movement put it into hollistic use in print, for a children's tale no less. Part of my Texts project.

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✴︎ The Moral Dilemma of Fascist Design

An essay looking at creative movements in society and how political ideologies can be applied to creative works even where there is none. I discuss the preferences of designers, fascist ideals and how propaganda can exist in art and architecture.

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