Shubham Mehra
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Olafiagangen: a temporary rehabilitation project collaboration. In a multiple-stage project, I assisted on the paintwork (patterns and iconography) as a placemaking approach.

Placemaking; Iconography

Oslo Municipality is in the process of planning an important upgrade of Olafiagangen. This will be "Supergrønland", an activity park for children and young people. It will take two to three years before work on the new park is completed. Therefore, Bydel Gamle Oslo has invited young people in the district to join a temporary upgrade.The temporary upgrade is a collaboration between Områdeløft Grønland and Tøyen, Léva Urban Design, GrowLab Oslo and MakersHub. I assisted the project team on a few elements that would be exectued together with volunteers. Images provided by Growlab & MakersHub.